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Article 21 the catch our membrane technology co. , LTD employees

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
Article 1 the catch: company interests above all else is the survival of all the staff platform, not also shall not conflict with that of the individual. Once the trouble happened at home, leave, light over the law or reprimand. Article 2 the catch: the team there is no perfect individual, supreme only perfect team, team stability is the foundation for the development of the company, whether anyone can't destroy the harmony and development of the team. Article 3 the catch: the standard requirements of the boss in their own personal all the distribution of the salary, bonus, commission is based on the interests of the enterprise to obtain. In the team, your supervisor, your customers, is your boss, you work attitude must go beyond them, otherwise you will always be their blame. Article 4 the catch: doing things at the front of the boss explains things done, it is not good, if the boss also did not think of things, you have finished, you are great! Article 5 the catch: the embodiment of response is a personal value embodiment of personal value in the team's need for your degree! When the boss was an initiative or team support when seeking work, to make positive response in the first time, this is the embodiment of the value. Article 6 the catch: along the principle direction for principle direction can only accept it, can't resist it. As long as the company has a clear stipulation, along the system of the company is to do things, don't, don't be swayed, director of certain instructions included. Article 7 the catch: first, the professional spirit and professional spirit, professional is the service itself, the service is not only refers to the service for the customer, is refers to the service around for his colleagues. Company there are always some people is dispensable, they are not professional spirit, they cannot rely on by people, they are just some of the department of ellipsis, are set to the results of only seeking patterns and disappeared in the program. Article 8 a catch: specification is authority, the standard is a kind of spirit no specification, no authority, specification means that you not only understand, and and know how to do them. Article 9 a catch: efficiency is actively, active, active and actively take the initiative to people is the most intelligent person, is the best partner in the team, is everyone wants some friends. Can help us in difficult times, is active rather than luck. Article 10 a catch: anyone can become a teacher team, anyone can become your teacher for advice modestly, deeply know that because of you, you just need the knowledge, rather than a teacher. Article 11 the catch: work three elements, plans, goals and time always in a planned way, always know the goal, never forget to tell time. Plan is not to see whether the plan is feasible, but should pay attention to where there will be likely to fail. Article 12 the catch: don't explain to the dignity comes from strength, the result will not deceive people! Explanation is meaningless, this means that you want to shirk or to someone else to take responsibility. Article 13 the catch: don't make as a result, the working roll up your sleeves don't frighten yourself or scare others with terrible results, rolled up his sleeves to work first, fear of the unknown will disappear naturally due to roll up their sleeves and work. Article 14 catch: shuffle is invalid in the face of failure, in the face of error, everyone knows that it is the most bad excuse, this will only make people deepen the impression of your failure. Article 15 the catch: simple, simple, simple and not too exaggerated, don't bluff, more don't rock the boat. Look for shortcuts is primary way to improve the work efficiency. The same thing, if you can finish the simpler than others, is good. Article 16 the catch: do a percentage is part a percentage is perfect, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, the pursuit of perfect service, is the work standards. Don't think this is a high demand, if you can realize a percentage, is only just completed the task. Article 17 the catch: be low-key, do things more high-profile, not upside down low key personhood, can maintain health of air around you, and high-profile work, you can win support and reputation. Article 18 the catch: communication can eliminate all obstacles communication ability is at least quality, smooth doesn't happen by accident, it is the result of the communication. Don't be afraid of communication trouble, if you don't want to face the greater trouble, communication, coordination everything around. Article 19 the catch: good employees is first and foremost as enterprise mobile advertising window frame's propaganda machine, you must spare no effort to do advocate of company and product, this is you the most basic tasks. Before, of course, encourage others to motivate myself! Article 20 the catch: always keep forging ahead, keep an open mind in any one company, one of the most popular person must be a man with open mind, their success is much faster than others, natural harvest is big! Article 21 the catch: go up or go out to any enterprise or individual survival first gist is learning how to learn. Lazy learning, actual it is behind the choice, namely in the choice to leave.
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