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Application of tarpaulins in the freight

by:LINYANG     2020-03-27
Tarpaulins is finding wider and wider application in freight aspects, rarely used gondola car shipping food class goods warehouse, make the scene some freight agent for gondola car loading used tarpaulins film covering, the rope tied some looks unfamiliar, not seriously implement the relevant rules and statutory French, buckle distribution brand by workshop. Application for this class, I decided to open wagon loaded with goods, to prevent falls off tarpaulins, ensure driving safety. The status quo analysis; Application because the clerk for a long time didn't open wagon loading of the goods, some business knowledge looks unfamiliar, unable to be applied in accordance with the truck tarpaulin course technology premise, accurate guide loading and unloading of the art of tarpaulins held film covering and tarpaulin ropes binding reinforcement, they make the tarpaulins has hand brake and the car ladder and rope around too much entangled on the t-bar bundle method is not accurate phenomenon, cause easily falls off the rope, endangers safety. Method 1, seriously study truck tarpaulin application technology premise knowledge, proficient business degree master tarpaulins film covering knowledge progress. 2, tarpaulins, film covering on the application of tarpaulins to seriously before check whether there is any breakage, vulnerability on cloth body is complete good rope is complete. After completion of 3, vehicles, freight agent necessary vital guidance at the scene handling crew at point of tarpaulin film covering bundled reinforcement work. Serious to carry out the inspection work of loading, to fail in the exam must anew to pick up. Its implementation; 1, research method, we can in order to make the small part forming faithfulness, grasp and use, use a variety of opportunities such as name, class, and held no homework time learn from each other, not joint reality perfect enrich all the way, to ensure all the way to implement smoothly to each homework. 2, loading, the clerk can free field of tarpaulins held in check, bad for tarpaulin or lack of tarpaulins are strictly forbidden to application of the rope, and accurate guidance tarpaulins film covering method, make the tarpaulins positive longitudinal film covering, truck tarpaulin sagging highly consistent on both sides, trucks have thought at one end, drooping tarpaulin cover end wall unit height is 300 ~ 500 mm, the other end is about 600 mm, the tarpaulin ropes tied knot on the t-bar take bowknot, pulls back the bolt, cable head over the tail length of not less than 100 mm and not more than 300 mm rope card will end stuck. 3, after loading is completed, each attendant in conjunction with the loading and unloading of freight agent of vehicle tarpaulins http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/film covering the rope tied a serious check to vehicle failing held up clean up in time, to ensure driving safety.
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