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Application of polyvinyl chloride in automobile

by:LINYANG     2020-01-13


The application of polyvinyl chloride in automobiles is mainly the leather covers and covers of interior trim parts and various products. Such as seat cushion cover, door lining, car roof lining skin, soft decorative instrument panel skin ( Abs/pvc Instrument panel skin and PV (C powder plastic molding instrument panel skin two types) , Rear cover skin, control cover skin, steering wheel skin, container lining, window window lifter cover, spare tire cover, floor, carpet and wire cover, etc.

(1) Pvc film and artificial leather are mainly used as leather covers for interior trim and various products in automobiles. The main technical properties of vehicle artificial leather are as follows.

① aging test :(93 ℃ X72h)And (70 ℃ X168h)There is no abnormality after.

② accelerated aging test: there was no abnormality after xenon lamp irradiation for 7 h.

③ smoke test: After heating at 70℃ X6h, there is no blur in the window glass plate.

④ low temperature brittleness test :- After 40 °c X7h, the sample is free to land without cracks.

⑤ others: stable size, mildew resistance, stain resistance, wear resistance, no discoloration and good folding.

soft PVC film for automobile interior decoration is mainly used as roof lining, door upright post, door inner panel, sun visor and skin of front and rear enclosure. See Table 2 for its main technical performance-82.

(2) Soft PVC handrail refers to a simple handrail with a metal skeleton or a plastic skeleton coated with soft PVC plastic. The specific technical performance is as follows.

① the surface of the product shall not have scratches, uneven luster, burns, pollution, obvious weld marks, flow marks, etc.

② tensile strength of PVC material>18MPa, elongation>240%, heating reduction (100 ℃ X24h)Should be less than 1%.

③ under the installation condition, the product should be loaded with 200N load through the cloth strip, and obvious permanent deformation should not occur after 100 repeated tests.

④ products are guaranteed not to be damaged when hanging 2000N load in actual installation state.

⑤ product classics (63 ℃3 ° C) After X200h artificial accelerated aging, obvious discoloration, cracking and other phenomena are not allowed.

⑥ after the surface of the product is coated with grease, gasoline, brake fluid and engine oil, place it for 1 hour and send it to 70C oven for 3 hours, observe whether there are abnormal phenomena such as cracks, discoloration and peeling.

⑦ abnormal phenomena such as crack, discoloration and peeling are not allowed after the product is subjected to thermal aging test at rib ℃ for X300h.

⑧ products in (80 ℃ X3h)One (Room temperature X1h)One (30 ℃ X3h)One (Room temperature X1h) For one cycle, cracks, discoloration, peeling and other phenomena are not allowed after three cycle tests.

(3) Hard PVC board is mainly used for carriage floor and bus floor. The materials used are PVC calcium plastic board and VC- VAC copolymer resin, PVC/EPDM, PVC/CPE, etc.

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