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Application of new film stretching technology

by:LINYANG     2020-01-12


due to the occurrence of'Tighten' Phenomenon, the edge of the stretched film must be cut sharply to ensure that the edge of the film does not accumulate in the film winding, thus avoiding problems in the winding, compounding and printing processes. Hosokawa delle Alpi that so open a of TRIO (Scrap reduces on-line stretching) The system can combine the blown film and the film stretching process to avoid the above problems.

The system can achieve unprecedented high quality of online unidirectional stretch films. It can control the film wall thickness on the blown film production line and record the proportion of steering traction, thus ensuring the minimum thickness change on the entire flat width. In order to achieve this goal, before the film is stretched, the edge of the film can be made thinner, and the film thickness contour line on the blown film production line is consistent with the film thickness contour line measured in the downstream stretching unit.

The global leader of plastic blown film industry Hosokawa albei launches MDO (Unidirectional stretching)System Optimization of technology. It is reported that this technology can affect specific film properties and reduce film thickness, which is an important step towards higher efficiency and sustainability.

The on-line stretching production line of Hosokawa arbeina can produce MDO films at a ratio of about 1:10 according to the materials used and the required tensile properties of the films. This process can not only improve mechanical properties such as hardness, puncture resistance and tear resistance, but also improve optical properties such as gloss and transparency, as well as other characteristics such as sealing, shrinkage and blocking.

at present, online MDO production line and TRIO technology have occupied a place in many fields, including heavy-duty packaging bags, compression packaging, fruit and vegetable bags, magazine packaging, breathable film for construction and sanitation, shrink label, upright bag, etc. Jebsen Industrial said that in order to introduce international leading technology and co-extrusion film stretching production line to the domestic plastic market, the company established a partnership with Hosokawa albei at the beginning of this year. In order to further cooperate with well-known customers and raw material manufacturers in the future, Hosokawa albei is also developing new film structures.

compared with the standard blown film production line, the thickness of the MDO film produced by TRIO system can be reduced to 50%; Compared with the system without TRIO, the scrap is reduced by 50%. Using TRIO technology, blocking tubular membranes can be produced without difficulty. Cutting single and double tubular membranes, as well as open films, surface printing, compounding or conversion on line or winding have become possible, international standard diameter high-quality reels can also be produced.

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