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Application of BOPET film in decoration industry

by:LINYANG     2020-02-24
The application of BOPET film as a decorative material in the decoration industry includes gold and silver wire, gold wire, glass film and other glass films. Glass film can be roughly divided into architectural glass film, automobile glass film and safety glass film. The main purpose of building glass film is energy saving, with UV protection and safety functions, and the thickness is usually 25 ~ 38μm, which can be divided into heat reflection film and low radiation film. The low radiation film transmits a certain amount of short-wave solar radiation energy, making the solar radiation heat enter the room and be absorbed by indoor objects. At the same time, it can reflect more than 90% of the long-wave infrared rays radiated by indoor objects indoors. Low radiation film can make full use of sunlight radiation and long wave radiation energy of indoor objects, and can play a role in heat preservation and energy saving in cold areas and heating buildings. The heat reflection film is attached to the surface of the glass to make the room penetrate visible light and near infrared light, but not far infrared light, so there is enough light to enter the room and reflect most of the solar energy heat back, in hot summer, the indoor temperature can be avoided to rise too much, thus reducing the indoor air conditioning load and saving energy consumption. In addition to the characteristics of energy saving and high safety, the automobile glass film has high requirements for transparency. Because for the car windshield, the visible light transmittance after pasting the film must be greater than 70% to meet the national standard GB7258-1997 requirements. The main function of the safety glass film is safe and explosion-proof, which is generally used in banks, jewelry store windows, museums, etc. This kind of film has good impact resistance, ultraviolet blocking ability and high transparency, and is usually synthesized by single-layer or multi-layer PET interlayer, the thickness is 50μm, 100 μm, 180 μm, 280 μm, etc. Metallic yarn. Gold and silver thread is made of BOPET film as the base film by vacuum aluminizing, coating and coloring. Its colors are various and bright, and it is widely used in knitwear, embroidery, handicrafts, decorations, etc. Gold cable. The golden wire is made of BOPET film through coloring, slitting and other processing, and is mainly used for packaging and sealing of cigarette boxes and gift boxes.
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