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Application and performance of BOPP antifogging film

by:LINYANG     2020-02-24
BOPP antifogging film is a kind of work that prevents water vapor from fogging on the surface of the film and affects the transparency. It is mainly used for the display packaging of fresh goods such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, sushi, cold and fresh meat, etc. As the packaging bags made of ordinary BOPP films are used to package the above fresh goods, due to the large water content of fresh goods, the temperature changes greatly during storage, transportation and sales, and an opaque water mist is generated on the inner layer of the packaging bag, as a result, users cannot see the goods in the bag, and the goods in the bag are prone to deterioration and corruption after contacting with water mist, rapidly shortening the shelf life and shelf life of fresh goods, while the appearance of anti-fog film, it not only improves the display of fresh food merchants and products, but also effectively prolongs the shelf life and shelf life of fresh goods, so it is widely used in super-markets. BOPP antifogging film has excellent antifogging property, high heat sealing strength, high eager strength, high smoothness, high opening, high puncture resistance, high transparency, safety, hygiene, non-toxicity and harm. At present, according to its characteristics, further development can be made in functionality and other aspects. Overcome the difficulty that the domestic BOPP industry cannot make anti-fog film, and can control the temperature and time of the anti-fog effect according to the amount of anti-fog additives. Key technical content: Formula technology of anti-fog Masterbatch; The proportion of anti-fog materials added during BOPP production; BOPP anti-fog film process control conditions. The amount of antifogging agent added is insufficient, the antifogging effect is poor, the fog degree of the film with excessive added proportion increases, the winding is difficult, and the cost increases. At the same time, the selection of anti-adhesive additives and the proportion of dosage should also find a balance point between openness and haze. Anti-fog film requires high heat sealing property. Ordinary heat sealing film only needs to reach 10N/15mm, while anti-fog film requires more than 20N/15mm. In order to achieve high and low temperature anti-fog effect: at 0 ~ 4 degrees Celsius cold room, placed 24 h, no droplets appear on the surface of the film. Above 60℃ and 0℃: there is no droplet on the surface of the film after 24 hours of repeated alternation.
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