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Antistatic silicone PET protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-02
Antistatic silicone PET protective film is transparent PET film base material, USES the import organic silicone coating. On the surface is bright and clean smooth product automatic adsorption, eliminate the bubbles, base material surface with antistatic performance can be static dissipative, avoid the static electricity harm the product. Antistatic silicone PET protective film application 1, widely used in glass lenses, a display screen and touch screen protection. 2, application of thermal conductivity of graphite die cutting engineering, reposted cover and protective film die cutting engineering, lamination purposes. 3, apply to PORON foam crosscutting and plastic shell work procedure and protective film module 4, all kinds of product shipment protection application antistatic silicone PET protective film features 1, in 1000 grade purification workshop production or less, the appearance of excellent performance. 2, has adsorption to the smooth product table * *, and have the function of automatic exhaust. Low stripping, high temperature resistant, no residue, no trace, small molecule pollution. 3, can be repeatedly paste, does not affect the use effect, under high temperature and high humidity environment with good retention. 4, anti-static 10 ( 6 - 9) Ω, triboelectrification voltage 100 v or less, static dissipative 1 or less. 2s.
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