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Antistatic protective film of the harm to human body

by:LINYANG     2020-03-03
Anti-static film protective film is mainly according to the product application environment of production and sales. With the worsening of human earth environment, now the air pollution is very serious, thus causing electrostatic occur repeatedly, but strong electrostatic is will produce certain harm to human body. 1. Antistatic adhesive tape characteristics, in the industry of electronic electrician can be used for higher requirement of H class motor and transformer coil insulation bandaging, a bandage fixed end of high-temperature resistance, temperature resistance measurement protection, capacitance and wire entanglement and other binding under the working conditions of high temperature insulation, antistatic. 2. What is a static phenomenon? Static electricity is a kind of charge in the stationary state. In a dry and windy in autumn, in daily life, people often encounter this kind of phenomenon: take off clothes sleeping at night, dark often hear the clatter of crack, and accompanied by blue light, meet to shake hands, fingers just comes into contact with each other, will suddenly feel finger needle stabbing pain, a frightened to disgrace; Morning comb my hair, the hair will often 'gone with the wind', the principle, sliding door handles, faucets are 'electric shock', often sends out the '* * *' sound, that is what happened to the human body static electricity. In particular, electrostatic membrane for metal materials, high temperature spray paint, sandblasting covered surface protection coating, high temperature paint baking, no residue leaving easy tear. Protective film can be used in circuit board manufacturing industry electronic protection paste, especially suitable for SMT and heat-resistant protect goldfinger, electronic switches, PCB protection, electronic transformers, relays, etc all kinds of high temperature resistance and moisture protection of electronic components.
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