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Antibacterial plastic film antibacterial mechanism

by:LINYANG     2020-03-13
The antibacterial activity of antibacterial agent is to make the microbial cells related to the physiological and biochemical reaction and the disturbance of metabolic activity and damage, to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms. For different antibacterial antibacterial mechanism is different. The same kind of antibacterial agent under different environment conditions, may even present different antibacterial mechanism. Plastic with antibacterial antibacterial mechanism, at present basically has the following several. Metal ions in the catalytic mechanism of metal ion with a positive charge, when the trace metal ions when in contact with the microbial cell membrane, coulomb attraction with the negatively charged cell membrane, make both solid combination, metal ion membrane in bacteria, and bacterial proteins in the body on the reaction of sulphur, amino and so on. Cell protein structure of the active center was destroyed, killing microorganisms or loss of splitting proliferation ability. Metal ions, kill diminishing and inhibit the activity of bacteria in the following order: Ag + & gt; Hg2+> Cu2+> Cd2+> Cr3+> Ni2+> Pb2 +> Co4 +> Zn2 +> Fe3 + Ag + at first because it has the high oxidation reduction potential ( ±0. 798 ev, 25 c) , in addition to other metal ions of complexation reaction, it also has the very strong REDOX reaction activity, stable state by REDOX reaction to its structure, so the antibacterial effect of Ag + was the strongest. Catalytic activation mechanism of some trace metal elements can have the effect of catalytic active center, such as silver, titanium, zinc. The active center can absorb energy, environment, such as uv light activated oxygen in the air or water, produce hydroxyl radicals ( •哦) And active oxygen ions ( 02 - ) 。 They can oxide or make the protein in bacterial cells, the reaction of unsaturated fatty acids, glucoside, which damage the normal structure, making it death or loss of proliferation. Cation fixation mechanism of the negatively charged bacteria will be antibacterial material cation ( Such as organic quaternary ammonium salt groups) Attracted to bound the activities of the bacteria, inhibit the respiratory function, namely 'contact' death occurred; In the electric field under the action of gravity, caused by the uneven distribution of negative charges on the wall and plasma membrane deformation, dirt inside of the cell leakage in vitro, such as water, protein 'lysis' look like and death. Cell contents, enzyme, protein, nucleic acid damage mechanism of many organic antibacterial agent of this kind of mechanism of antibacterial activity. Such as on the function of organelles and on the function of structure material such as proteins and nucleic acids and the role of the enzyme system ( Forming enzyme, enzyme activity) , the influence on respiration ( Glycolysis, the electron transport system, the oxidative phosphorylation process etc. ) , impact on mitosis, etc.
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