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Anti-static protective film used in what place? What are the characteristics of

by:LINYANG     2020-03-02
Antistatic protective film is added on the basis of the original film produced by a layer of antistatic liquid, the product is one of the most obvious characteristics, surface usually can present grey, the product is transparent color, after open to the permeability and the weather is very good, and is widely used in the field of industries, the electrostatic film manufacturer lam jan to introduce for everybody: applications and characteristics of antistatic protective film. First: anti-static protective film products used 1, anti-static protective film is suitable for the touch screen mobile electronic products, is also used as a protective film, and the protective film and all kinds of panel glass lenses made and shipped product surface protection; 2, anti-static protective film is often widely applied in the FPC, PCB and electronic components to protect the surface in the process of production materials and prevent the occurrence of static electricity, or in order to protect the products at the same time, in fact, no matter how to say, where is the application of antistatic coating is applied as protection products. 3, anti-static protective film will appear normally cut out cuttings, and anti-static protective film with excellent printing function; 4, anti-static protective film coating process to protect the phone buttons, is for the surface of the plastic shell, diffusion film, PORON foam cutting and so on various aspects, such as protection. Anti-static protective film: 2 anti-static protective film product characteristics 1, anti-static protective film, be performed within the class of 1000 or less the purification workshop production, this is done to the appearance of the product can have good. 2, anti-static coating product cleanliness is very high, and excellent transparency, good weatherability. 3, anti-static protective film is usually easier to peel, paste is there will be no residual adhesive left after the phenomenon, but also no traces, small molecule pollution. 4, anti-static protective film surface is anti-static 10 ( 6 - 9) Ω and separation of friction voltage 100 v or less static dissipative in 0 or less. 8 s within the scope of the data. 4, anti-static protective film can effectively prevent the dust and particles in the air is product adsorption, this will reduce the damage caused by electrostatic microelectronic devices. Through above can simple understand that through the use of anti-static protective film can prevent damage of product scratches, scratches, waterproof, and so on the surface of a product for effective protection to us.
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