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Anti-static protective film of the causes of static electricity

by:LINYANG     2020-03-03
Matter is made up of molecules, molecular is made up of atoms, atoms are negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons. Under normal circumstances, the number of protons and electrons an atom, the positive and negative balance, so the appearance of foreign showed no charge. Electronic coiling around the nucleus, however, once the external force from the trajectory, leave the original original penny and invade the other atom B, A number of electrons in an atom due to the shortage of the positively charged surface, known as cationic and B atoms are negatively charged due to increase the number of electronic representation, called anion. Form the unbalanced electronic spread reason is off track by external force, the external force (including various energy Etc. ) In ordinary days, any two different material objects touch again after separation, electrostatic can attack. When two different object to touch each other will make a lose some charge such as electron transfer to another object to be positively charged, while the other individual to get some rest electronic objects and negatively charged. If the charge neutralization hard, in the process of separation with electrostatic charge will accumulate the object. So after the object with other touch will bring electrostatic separation. Generally in spin off from an object when a piece of plastic film is a kind of typical 'touch' separation electrification, take off your clothes on ordinary days attack electrostatic is 'touch' separation of power. Solid, liquid and gas are due to the touch and bring electrostatic separation. Why gas will attack electrostatic? Because the gas is made up of molecules, atoms, molecules, atoms, when air activities will also attack 'touch' separation and electrification. So on our surroundings and even our country with different degree of static electricity, when the degree of accumulation to must discharge will attack. We all knew the conflict on electricity and few rumors touch up electricity. Essentially conflict since electricity is a kind of touch and the formation of the separation process of imbalance of positive and negative charge. A conflict is a constant touch with the process of separation. Thus conflict electrification is essentially touch up electric separation. In ordinary days, all kinds of objects may attack electrostatic due to move or conflict. Homework desktop, floor, chair, clothes, paper, volume, packaging materials, air activities. See more another electrification is the inductive electrification. When a charged object approached not charged at the two ends of the uncharged conductor separation induced a negatively charged and positively charged. Other electrification method are: thermoelectric and piezoelectric electrification, helmholtz layer, eruption electrostatic protective film manufacturers such as electricity, lam jan himore 【 400 - 6666 - 322 】
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