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Anti-static protective film different features

by:LINYANG     2020-03-03
Antistatic coating is one of the protective film varieties currently in use is very wide, for example, in the electronics industry, especially for electronic panel manufacturers, use the protective film products, is must have requirements of anti-static, and textile, building decoration, etc. , has a different degree of anti-static requirements. Antistatic protective film has a variety of materials to choose from, use more frequently have anti-static protective film and PET anti-static PE protective film, anti-static protective film according to different production process, the effect of antistatic also has difference, here are some characteristics of antistatic protective film to suggest some suitable occasion for the masses of users. Feature 1: good stickiness, break resistance, solvent resistance, use, under the environment of the straight line, not glue; Use: suitable for decoration and ordinary industrial covered, such as antistatic PE protective film. Feature 2: good attached with a performance, good solvent resistance, weather resistance, is suitable for heat resistance around 150 ℃, no incomplete glue, color separation boundaries clear; Use: suitable for auto color shading, industrial machine spray paint, such as PET antistatic protective film. Feature 3: good high temperature resistance, good stickiness, tensile strength, resistance to acid, alkali, impermeable, no glue residue; To use: apply to clean workshop dust protective film.
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