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Analysis the most detailed classification, material, performance and processing way _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-26
Classified by tarpaulins purposes: freight yard waterproof tarpaulins, car tarpaulins, tents, waterproof tarpaulins, tarpaulins reservoir, tarpaulins fish pond; Pig sheep field tent shade; Marine tent; Factories tent; Equipment waterproof tarpaulin cover; Waterproof tarpaulins telescopic tents, tarpaulins duct; To fully transparent wai cloth; Decorate a dustproof tent; Tarpaulin cover goods according to the tarpaulin material classification: PVC plastic coated tarpaulin; Waterproof nylon tent; Organic silicon tent; Wax oil tarpaulin; Coating cloth/module/knife scraping the cloth/clip net cloth; PE cloth/striped cloth/South Korea/Taiwan cloth; The glass fiber tent; PVC transparent river; White cotton tarpaulin; Colored tarpaulins classified by tarpaulins color: green waterproof tarpaulins; Red waterproof tarpaulins; Yellow waterproof tarpaulins; Blue waterproof tarpaulins; White waterproof tarpaulins; Blue green waterproof tarpaulins; Dark green waterproof tarpaulins; The yellow waterproof tarpaulins; Black waterproof tarpaulins; Orange waterproof tarpaulins; Pale blue waterproof tarpaulins classified by tarpaulin weight: 120 ~ 180 g / ㎡ tent; 300 ~ 500 g / ㎡ tent; 500 ~ 700 g / ㎡ tent; 700 ~ 900 g / ㎡ tent; 900 ~ 1500 g / ㎡ tarpaulins classification according to the thickness of tarpaulins: 0. 15mm~0. 3 mm thickness analysis; 0. 3毫米~ 0。 4 mm thickness analysis; 0. 4毫米~ 0。 5 mm thickness analysis; 0. 5毫米~ 0。 Tarpaulin 0 6 mm thickness. 6毫米~ 1。 2 mm thickness analysis by tarpaulins property classification: waterproof tarpaulins; Warm tent; Wind tent; Dust tent; Fireproof tarpaulin; Three fabric; Waterproof tarpaulins; Rain wear by tarpaulin processing way classification: sewing processing analysis; High temperature thermal analysis; Glue and tarpaulins in tent accessories mechanical classification: tarpaulins sewing equipment; Tent heat sealing equipment; Tarpaulin tent circles ( Corns) Tools; Awning circle ( Corns) ; Tarpaulin line; Glue rope; Tarpaulin shutter machinery; Tarpaulin rolling clamp; Ribbon; The rope net; Bind belt; PVC adhesive tape. Linyi ShangHeng tarpaulins foothold in linyi in shandong province, here is convenient logistics, at the same time, we enter the international market, currently we have a lot of tarpaulins are exported to all over the world. http://www。 linyangpvc。 Com/phone: 13754728822 tarpaulins most detailed classification, material, performance and processing methods
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