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Analysis on the principle of glass insulation film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-20

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as an energy-saving and environment-friendly article, glass insulation film is more and more popular with users. So, what is the principle of glass insulation film? Let's take a closer look at different aspects:

Analysis of the principle of glass insulation film

explosion-proof and bulletproof principles:

now people begin to abandon thick walls in home decoration, in some places, glass is used to realize the beauty of home or office buildings, so it is very important to improve the explosion-proof safety of glass. In addition to the safety of the glass itself, the glass film can add another layer of protection.

The key to improve the safety and explosion-proof performance of the glass film is to relieve the external impact force, which is mainly realized through the following aspects:

1. Make full use of viscose layer and metal coating to improve the rigidity of glass and decompose the impact force on the surface. Metals have good ductility and toughness. When subjected to external force, the metal coating can effectively offset and decompose the impact force. Even when the glass is broken, the metal material in the glass film will generate a tensile force, which will work together with the colloid of the adhesive layer to pull the glass fragment to fix it without splashing, so as to effectively protect personal and property safety, whether it is building glass or car glass, it can prevent personal injury and death caused by accidental glass breakage.

2. Through the micro-displacement of the glass film's unique layers sliding with each other, the impact force acting on the safety film through the glass can be relieved, most of the impact can be relieved, and unique impact resistance can be formed. In addition, the longer the glass film is attached, the stronger the adhesion between the glass film and the glass. According to estimates, the film sold by our center can be enhanced by 5- The glass strength of 25 times can effectively prevent glass breakage caused by external force impact from hurting people, and can also effectively achieve bulletproof performance.

3. The main material of the film is polyester substrate (PET) It is a strong and high-toughness elastic substrate, which can also greatly relieve the impact force from the outside, thus achieving safety effect. Many glass films in the Master Series are safe and explosion-proof through such functions. Teby is a point that users who have large areas of glass such as hotels or families who pay more attention to safety pay special attention to when choosing products. As you can imagine, it is not a small project to complete the decoration of a hotel or a family. At the same time, it is not a cheap thing. It cannot be affected by a few pieces of broken glass. Principles of heat insulation, constant temperature and energy saving:

as we all know, there are three main ways of heat conduction, medium conduction, convection and heat radiation. Because the main material of the glass film is polyester substrate (PET)The thermal conductivity of is only 0. 3-0. 4, while the thermal conductivity coefficient of glass is 1. That is to say, we set the heat source to 100, then it is still 100 after conducting through the glass, but it drops to 30- 40, so the heat insulation performance of the glass can be greatly improved (The smaller the thermal conductivity, the better the thermal insulation performance). More importantly, due to the existence of metal coating, the main transmission mode of solar heat energy--Thermal radiation is greatly reduced. The metal coating can effectively reflect and absorb infrared rays and electromagnetic waves that constitute solar thermal radiation, thus greatly improving the heat insulation rate. This is for external heat, so in winter it can effectively prevent indoor heat from being distributed to the outside world, which is constant temperature. In summer, when the external heat source is blocked and the indoor temperature is protected in winter, the working efficiency of our air conditioner, electric heater and water heater will be improved, and there will be no extra work, thus naturally achieving the effect of energy saving. 'Master insulation film' The heat insulation effect is very obvious, and according to incomplete statistics, it can be insulated (Blocking 40%-85% solar heat), Insulation (Winter warmth retention rate 15%-30%) , Thus saving you about 30% of air conditioning power consumption.

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