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Analysis on production process of pvc calendering film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-20


different production processes can be adopted for different films or different products. Under certain conditions of membrane types, properties and various additives, the production process has a significant impact on membrane properties. The production process of pvc calendering membrane is as follows:

Analysis of pvc calendering film production process

(1) Injection molding: for thermoplastic film, the film particles are heated and melted in the injection molding machine and injected into the mold at higher pressure and speed.

(2) Extrusion molding: the heated and melted film is extruded into profiles with different shapes through different hole dies through the extrusion action of an extruder.

(3) Spraying process: spray plastic film on metal, nonmetal plate surface and fiber mesh tire.

(4) Compression molding: for thermosetting film, plastic powder, sheet and granular raw materials are put into a mold to be heated and softened under pressure molding, so that chemical crosslinking occurs and curing occurs.

(5) Lamination molding: after dipping and coating thermosetting resin with layered reinforcing substances, it is processed into a rotten laminated plate, which is then heated by an laminator at the beginning of the process to solidify and form.

(6) Casting molding: the liquid film is poured on the mold to be cured and cooled under normal pressure or low pressure.

(7) Foaming molding: a large number of tiny spherical bubbles can be introduced into the plastic by mechanical or chemical methods to prepare a foam film with small volume density, good thermal insulation and sound absorption.

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