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Analysis of tempered glass explosion-proof principle

by:LINYANG     2020-01-20


tempered glass explosion-proof film has the characteristics of high definition, scratch resistance, impact resistance, ultra-thin design, grain prevention, automatic fitting, etc. , and is very popular with consumers. Below, Xiaobian wants to introduce the principle of tempered glass explosion-proof film.

Asahi glass imported from Japan is used by domestic agents. Due to the different thickness of glass and the price of each raw material, the thinner the glass manufacturing process, the more difficult it is, therefore, the more expensive the price is, ranging from 300 yuan to 400 yuan respectively. After purchasing the raw material glass, the glass cutting machine is used to adjust the product model, specification and size, according to the screen size of each digital product, the glass patches matched with the products are formed one by one, such as the film of the mobile phone. Some of the holes and slots are partially completed. After the cutting is completed, then the glass surface of the product is polished and polished to make the product smoother and not hurt the hand, and then the surface is electroplated. In this way, the hand touches the glass surface more smoothly without leaving fingerprints. The treated glass is only a semi-finished product at this time, and then the imported AB glue material is purchased, and then the AB glue cutting machine is used to cut a piece of AB glue into holes according to the size of the glass, the slots are cut into the same size of the glass one by one, and then the treated glass and the cut AB glue are perfectly attached by the film sticking machine, thus forming a glass mobile phone film, this one-by-one process must be completed carefully. Especially in the selection of materials, we must choose the best imported raw materials. More importantly, in the process of pasting glass and AB glue, we must use a dust-free workshop without any dust, sticking a little dust film and the mobile phone will not fit, affecting the quality of the product.

Therefore, after so many processes, the glass film can certainly block your Love Machine, I hope that after you understand the manufacturing process and advantages of tempered glass film, you can have a new view on tempered glass film, so that tempered glass film can protect your Love Machine.

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