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by:LINYANG     2020-03-25
Coarse tarpaulins is also called the tent cover, fabric fast folding, has a good waterproof performance, used in automobile transportation and open-air warehouse tent cover and the wild. Fine tarpaulin used to make yarn, labor protection clothing and supplies. After dyeing, also can be used for shoes, travel bag, backpack, etc. In addition, there are rubber tarpaulins, fire prevention, prevent radiation shielding tarpaulin, tarpaulins for the paper machine. 1, yarn count, yarn count, in a nutshell, is refers to the degree of thickness of yarn, the current generic or 'English standard' in China, namely: a pound ( 454 g) A heavy cotton ( Yarn or other components) , the length of 840 yards ( 0. 9144 yards/meters) The fineness of yarn for one. If a pound of yarn, its length is 10 x 840 yards, its fineness is 10, the representation method of yarn count is the symbol of the British standard English letter 'S' the representation of a single yarn method is: single yarn - 32 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Expressed as: 32 s line representation method is: stock line ( Two terrific and twist) For both: 32 s / 2 3 root and branch and twist for both: 42 s / 3. 2, density, tent fabric density calculation units in the metric system, refers to the number 10 cm weft arrangement Canon. The size of the density, directly affects the appearance of the fabric, feel, thickness, strength, folding resistance, air permeability, abrasion resistance and thermal physical and mechanical indexes such as performance, at the same time he also relates to the size of the product cost and production efficiency. ( A) Indirect test method this method is suitable for dense, the rules of the yarn count small fabric of the organization. First of all, through the analysis of the warp yarn fabric and its organization cycle count ( Organization circular weft count) And then multiplied by the number of organization cycle in 10 cm, the product is obtained through ( Weft) Yarn density. ( 2) Direct measurement method direct measurement method is according with cloth or fabric density analysis mirror to complete. Scale length is 5 cm of fabric density analysis of mirror, on the analysis of the lens below, a strip of glass engraved with a red line, based on the analysis of the fabric density, move the camera, the glass on the red line and scale on the red alignment between two root yarn, at the same time as a starting point, moving the camera while count yarn, until 5 cm scale line for this. Output of yarn number multiplied by 2, to 10 cm fabric density values. In counting the number of yarn, to two root yarn between central as a starting point, if at the end of the number, more than 0. 5, not a root, should press 0. If 75 is less than 0. 5 root, the press 0. 25. The fabric density should be measured 3 - commonly Four data, and then take the arithmetic mean as the determination results. 3, gram weight: g: refers to the weight of each square meter of cloth grams. Woven fabrics of tarpaulins with 'ounce' 'safe' or 'OZ' knitting tarpaulins generally use g ( g/m2) It is the conversion of 1 ounce equals 28. 375 grams, but on the said machine is commonly 28. 35 g, associated with the yarn and fabric warp/weft density, the more the greater the density of coarse cloth, the thick yarn, the greater the gram weight. Above knowledge provided by linyi tarpaulin manufacturer, want to learn more knowledge about the tarpaulin please go to our official website: tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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