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Analysis of colored plastic agricultural film and colorant

by:LINYANG     2020-01-20


because various colored plastic agricultural films have different absorption and reflection laws on spectra, they have different effects on crop growth, weed diseases, insect pests and ground temperature, for this reason, colored plastic agricultural films should be applied reasonably. The following are the appropriate uses of various colored agricultural films:

Black films: summer Radish, cabbage, spinach, autumn cucumber and late tomato are cultivated in plots with serious weeds or in high temperature seasons.

Green membrane: it is mostly used for strawberries, kidney beans, eggplants, sweet peppers, tomatoes, melons and other vegetables and other economic crops, and can play a role in weed removal.

Blue film: it is mainly suitable for rice seedling raising, which is conducive to the cultivation of stout seedlings, and can also be used for covering cultivation of spinach, cotton, peanuts, strawberries, etc.

Red film: under the red film, the rice seedlings grow vigorously, the sugar content of sugar beet increases, the carrot straight root grows larger, the leek leaves are wide and the meat is thick, and the yield increases in advance in the harvest period.

purple film: it is mainly suitable for planting solanaceous and green leafy vegetables in greenhouses or plastic greenhouses in winter and spring, and can improve high quality and yield.

yellow film: covering cucumber with yellow film can promote Bud flowering and increase production by 50%- 100%, cover celery and lettuce plants grow tall and shoot late, cover dwarf lentils, plant internodes grow, beans grow strong, cover tea leaves are of high quality and yield increased.

silver gray film: it is mainly suitable for the cultivation of vegetables, melons, cotton and tobacco in summer and autumn, and has good effects of disease prevention, aphid prevention and whitefly prevention.

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