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Analysis how to support and fixed? _ industry dynamic

by:LINYANG     2020-03-27
Analysis how to support and fixed? You have any good tips? What they do and how to look small make up, and see if it is a good method for skills, we learn together, should be within the first fixed after peng cloth curtains rolled out the four corners, make curtains bottom on the ground upper berth pacified in mind, if there are any conditions, can block mat under the curtains, so that can maintain the bottom of the curtains, also can reach the best waterproof effect. Support the bill, in addition to the reliable and peng rod connecting, pay special attention to pull the leash, make tight external accounts, and reach the best waterproof external accounts, skirt edge curtains, use soft soil or sandy soil pressure is good, the winter can also be snow pressure, so that more conducive to the wind. Nail should be fixed a Angle, a viewpoint to 35 - It is advisable to 45 degrees, the nail into the interval and direction and leash same axis, leash and form an Angle of 90 degrees, so that to reach the largest stress intensity. Should be paid attention to the corresponding fixed on the fixed order, example: first left anterior Angle, Angle of progressive right rear, right front Angle, left after the Angle, the curtains after fixation, adjust the leash guy to make all aspects of pull force together. Hold good curtains, check the account, the interval between inside and outside if stick in together, the rain and dew, shall be adjusted. Above knowledge provided by linyi tarpaulin manufacturer, want to learn more knowledge about the tarpaulin please go to our official website: tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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