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Analysis how to maintain tarpaulin factory tell you? _ industry dynamic

by:LINYANG     2020-04-01
Whether every product need regular maintenance, so that the use of the product is more convenient, life will be longer. Tarpaulins, too, only constant maintenance can more embody the use value of the product. Tarpaulin factory here is to introduce you to the cloth and maintenance method, to make your tent sends out a different luster. 1, when placed tarpaulin need to be careful, don't be trapped by some sharp objects scratching the tarpaulins, imitation of scratches. The use of impact. 2, tarpaulins cannot be placed for a long period of time, otherwise there will be some bacteria, so every once in a while, we all don't put the tent to the sun bask in the sun. To lift the tarpaulins in the tent after using need to dry, if is tent is a little dirty, can use water to clean, but generally don't use hot water instead of cold water, the other is never to be able to use chemicals. This is will happen some chemical reaction, bring harm to tent, and even damage the surface of the tent, will decrease the effectiveness of tarpaulin. 3, using tarpaulin need to carefully read the tent before instruction or very be necessary. The matters needing attention and the installation steps to see clear, detail decides success or failure, need to grasp every detail, for the use of tarpaulins to lay a good foundation. 4, tent after use, it is necessary to put all the things tidy in inductive box, or if you are all over the place, then find is in a hurry, to form a good habit of 5, here will tell you a tarpaulin factory, tarpaulins requires away after use, can't keep in the sunlight exposure under may, when you buy it companies have told you that our tent it doesn't matter how exposure in the sun, this time could not believe the businessman, no matter how good tarpaulins such exposure will have more influence on tarpaulins.
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