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Analyses the present situation of the protective film in the Chinese market

by:LINYANG     2020-03-11
Protective film manufacturers mainly produce initially focused on the Japan, the United States and Europe and other developed countries, due to the European and American industrialization earlier, so more early than in the Asian region to enter to the requirement of products surface protection, to reduce the factory until the market circulation, for the product during transport, handling, storage, display, even scratch the surface of the loss. European brand is in rubber type adhesive protective film on the authors, and the protective film of rubber type glue also because of its characteristics, and so far is still a stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, even after the part of plastic processing industry of heavy and complicated. Mainland China as a mobile phone consumption, production and sales of mobile phone screen protective film is at present more, after several years of development, already can produce higher-end products, although from Japan's products have a certain gap, but for now, has been completely replace the trend of the south Korean film, and the last two years in Japan and South Korea factory has been put into production or set up a joint venture in mainland China. In terms of China's mobile phone sticker production, its main as some adhesive tape factory, electronics factory, protective film factory noncore to run. Specializing in the production of factory is less, because the original film production and coating process is relatively complex, a lot of technology to break through, and a good set of blown film, coating line investment is higher, so the real production factory is not much, can make very good less the original film. So most of factory only in the stage of protective film twice, three times in the processing stage, belongs to the lower stage in the whole industry chain. In terms of regional distribution, are mainly distributed in guangdong shenzhen, foshan, dongguan, and parts of, Shanghai, zhejiang and jiangsu. Many manufacturers began to produce high-end products to meet young people's pursuit of fashion. In recent years, the growth of the plastics products led plastic packaging sales growth, good prospects for development, plastic processing industry will continue to be the main driving force of the development of the high-speed molding machine industry of our country. After wto entry, the plastic packaging industry development in our country to bring at least two various favorable conditions: one is good for exports; 2 it is conducive to the imported technology, including foreign joint ventures and wholly owned factories in China brought about by the advanced manufacturing technology. Plastic packaging has become a traditional mechanical manufacturing in our country is in the most dramatic development of industry, the annual demand increases. With the rapid development of plastic packaging industry in China, the rapid development of domestic plastics processing industry. Demand for plastic packaging, demand of equipment of high technology content of equipment update and elimination of obsolete equipment. China is the world's superpower plastic packaging production, but over the years has been accounted for only 5% of the total products generate - exports 10%, which is with plastic packaging powers such as the Italian exports its output value accounted for about 50%, compared to a very disproportionate. According to our country current thought machinery production ability and the expansion potential, increase exports should be one of the basic way of the further development of our country.
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