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Aluminum plating film has remarkable characteristics

by:LINYANG     2020-03-04
In the face of such a name, if that means, would be considered a very thin metal pieces, actually otherwise, the real technology or aluminum plating film with plastic synthetic technology, aluminum plating film using a special process on the plastic film surface plating a thin layer of metal aluminum and formed a kind of composite flexible packaging materials, is also a kind of protective film. First of all to talk about the characteristics of aluminum plating film to join metals plastic film, will be without some of the properties of the metal, such as high temperature resistance, high hardness and difficult to break, good effect of barrier property. According to system, aluminum plating film has the following characteristics: 1, with excellent folding resistance and good toughness, rarely pinhole and split, no song cracking phenomenon, so the gas barrier property, water vapor, smells, light, etc. 2, metal luster, excellent optical reflectivity of 97%; And can form color film coating processing, its decorate effect is inferior to the aluminum foil. 3, block type can be used for parts of aluminum plating, in order to obtain any design or transparent window, can see inside. 4, aluminum plating layer conductive performance is good, can eliminate electrostatic effect; The sealing performance is good, especially the packing powder products, not pollution of the sealing parts, guarantees the packing sealing performance. 5, for printing, composite, etc. After processing has a good adaptability. At present, aluminum plating film there are two on the market is widely applied, a call polyester aluminum plating film ( VMPET) , one kind is the CPP aluminum plating film ( VMCPP) 。 With its price advantage of group a, beautiful appearance and outstanding performance, partly instead of aluminum foil in the application of composite packaging, become dry, puffed food, medicine. Cosmetics, cigarettes, such as vacuum packaging new options.
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