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Aluminum Composite panel protective film

by:LINYANG     2019-12-22

aluminum-plastic board protective film, commonly used PE material, coated with water-based acrylic glue, thickness of 5 to 10 Silk, width can be customized, color is transparent, black and white, etc, it has good adhesion and weather resistance.

The aluminum-plastic board only needs to be attached with a protective film, mainly considering that the surface of the aluminum-plastic board is bright and clean, and it is easy to be contaminated with dust and scratched during production and transportation. Once the surface of the product is damaged, it has a great influence on the product value,

so now many manufacturers are beginning to realize that a simple protective film can well protect the finished aluminum-plastic plate, the price sold to the end customer is also better, and they are happy to use such a protective film.

material: PE

glue type: environmentally friendly water-based acrylic acid thickness: 5- 10 wire width: customizable color: transparent film, black and white film viscosity: low viscosity, medium viscosity, medium and high viscosity, high viscosity, extra high viscosity features: stable adhesion and good weather resistance. UV resistance, good aging resistance. There is no residual glue after tearing. High tensile strength, good elongation and strong elasticity.

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