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Airport packing fee is abnormally high 6 shockproof air cushion film 30 yuan

by:LINYANG     2020-01-23


It is reported that many airports have abnormally high packing fees, which are 4 times more expensive than postal services. Not onlyRadish price'The packaging materials were sold. 'Ginseng price' Moreover, there is also an over-packaging of shockproof air cushion film that can put more than a few plugs. Provided by the airportConvenience service'Became'Slaughter business' As a result, some passengers had to throw away some items because the packaging fee was too high. The following is the reporter's personal experience:

A few days ago, when the reporter was on the plane, he was told at the check-in counter that the packed boxes were not in compliance and must be repackaged. After the package was finished, he was asked to pay 70 yuan: a large box of 20 yuan, a small box of 10 yuan, a packing fee of 10 yuan, and 6 anti-shock films of 30 yuan, which is really not cheap. The reason for the high price is that some airports outsource packaging services and lead to monopoly operations.

The Airport packing fee is abnormally high. 6 pieces of shockproof air cushion film 30 yuan

further study found that the cost of consumables, labor and logistics is still normal in the contractor's cost, however, the rent and contract fees paid to the airport accounted for the majority. In other words, the packaging costs of some airports are expensive, but they are expensive at the airport. 'Right to contract'The cost of formation is passed on.

6 shockproof air cushion films in 30 yuan are really expensive. In order to return the airport packaging costs to normal, in addition to introducing competition and breaking monopoly, more importantly, I am afraid that the airport is also how to do a good job in public services and how to better practice the mass line, the convenience service will be done well.

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