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Agriculture Bureau: inquiry for plastic film, seeds, etc

by:LINYANG     2020-02-05


strive for suppliers: according to the Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China and the relevant regulations of Henan provincial government procurement, the Minquan County Government Procurement Center is entrusted by the Minquan County agricultural bureau, for the inquiry and purchase of plastic film and cucumber seeds of the Minquan County Agricultural Bureau, suppliers who meet the corresponding qualifications are welcome to participate in the bidding. The announcement is as follows:

1. Name and number of procurement project: 1. 1 procurement project name: Civil rights County Agricultural Bureau plastic film, cucumber seeds and other inquiry procurement project 1. 2 Purchase number: Mincai purchase [2014] No. 73

II. Procurement Project overview: Serial Number procurement project name specification unit unit price quantity 1 plastic film ton 5. 22 cucumber seed 200 thousand 3 balsam pear seed 200 thousand 4 tomato seed 100 thousand ※ note: The above data shall be subject to the final confirmation of both parties.

Three, inquiry supplier qualification conditions: 1, inquiry suppliers should be in line with the government procurement law '22nd article requirements has independent bear civil responsibility of ability. Have good business reputation and sound financial accounting system. In the three years before participating in the bidding for this project, there is no major illegal record in the business activities

IV. Quotation requirements: Fax, Telegram and telephone quotation are not accepted for this inquiry, the inquiry supplier shall report the price that cannot be changed at one time according to the format of the inquiry document.

5. Requirements for the preparation of inquiry response documents: the supplier shall prepare an inquiry response document and bind it into a book and seal it. The bag should be marked'Supplier Name','Project name' Wait for the words, and affix the official seal of the unit at the sealing opening, and deliver it to the designated place before the deadline for submitting inquiry response documents. Response documents that are not sealed as required, do not affix official seals, or do not have enough copies will be rejected. The inquiry response document must include but not limited to the following contents: 1. A copy of the business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, original registration, and a copy of the official seal. 2. Power of attorney of the legal representative. 3. Copy of ID card of the authorized person (Affixed with the official seal). 4. Quotation sheet 5. Other materials that the supplier thinks need to provide.

vi. Supply requirements and settlement method place of delivery: The place designated by the purchaser. Delivery time: supply is completed within 7 days after the contract is signed. Pay off the full payment within three months after the supply is completed and accepted.

VII. Procurement procedures: according to the relevant provisions of the Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China and the measures for the administration of non-bidding procurement methods for government procurement, organize this inquiry purchase according to the following procedures. 1. Set up an inquiry group. 2. The purchaser and Procurement Agency invite not less than 3 suppliers who meet the corresponding qualification conditions to participate in the inquiry procurement activities through the announcement, and require them to quote the lowest price. 3. Inquiry. The supplier who is asked for inquiry is required to report the price that cannot be changed at one time in the inquiry response document. 4. Determine the supplier of the transaction. The inquiry team determines the closing suppliers according to the principle of meeting the purchase requirements, equal quality and service, and lowest quotation, and informs all the suppliers that have not made the inquiry.

VIII. Evaluation of transaction criteria: the inquiry team determines the transaction supplier according to the principle that the quality and service can meet the substantive requirements of the inquiry documents and the quotation is the lowest. If there are multiple suppliers in the quotation with the same and lowest quotation, the suppliers with the lowest quotation will quote again at the same time until a supplier with the lowest quotation is concluded.

IX. Contract Signing: after the announcement of the transaction results, the transaction supplier shall negotiate and sign with the purchaser according to the inquiry documents and the inquiry response documents of the transaction supplier. After the contract is signed, it will be delivered to the procurement office for filing.

x. Quotation location: Henan Shuangfei Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co. , Ltd. Quotation deadline: Ten o'clock A. M. on September 29, 2014.

xi. Contact matters: Henan Shuangfei Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co. , Ltd.

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