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Agricultural film trend--Functionalization of large-scale products of enterprises

by:LINYANG     2020-02-05


agricultural film is the general name of plastic film used in agricultural production. With the progress of science and technology, the requirements for agricultural films are getting higher and higher, and various new films are constantly appearing. Let's talk about the trend of agricultural films.

with the extensive use of plastic packaging films in food, medicine, industrial products, household necessities and other fields, the state has put forward more and more strict environmental protection requirements for plastic packaging films, adhesives, inks and other products, which has promoted the development of plastic packaging film waste recycling technology. The main trend of plastic packaging film in recent years is high performance and multifunction. Functionalization refers to giving new special functions to thin films on the basis of existing functions, including electrical, magnetic, optical, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, permeability resistance, biodegradation and other functions. This development direction is consistent with the general trend of the development of polymer materials.

The application of composite technology on plastic films has already begun. By stacking film materials with different properties together, new films can be endowed with better properties, for example, aluminum-plastic composite film, multi-layer composite film, etc. , its development speed is much faster than that of single-layer Film. By selecting different raw materials and controlling thickness, plastic films with various properties and costs can be obtained.

The agricultural film industry will continue to develop towards large-scale enterprises and functional products. The structure of greenhouse film products is developed to multiple layers, and the performance is high light transmission, high heat preservation, high strength and long service life, continuous development of functionalization and comprehensive performance such as dripping period, anti-fog period, light conversion period, dust prevention period and anti-bacteria period; Mulch film products have developed into functional functions such as moisture preservation, warming, weeding and insect prevention, and have developed into specialization such as asparagus, cotton, tobacco, garlic and leek in varieties. Such as: light ecological greenhouse film, application of special greenhouse film, etc.

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