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Advantages of tarpaulin manufacturers-News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-11-01
Advantages of tarpaulin manufacturers the advantages of tarpaulin manufacturers are: 1. Excellent water resistance; 2, the best flame retardant and toxic resistance; 3. Reliable cold resistance and heat resistance; 4, scientific thermal processing; 5, strong, light and light texture, light use, no weight gain after rain, easy to dry, easy to repair and keep Suitable for: trains, cars, seaports, docks, warehouses, farms, salt, etc, can make various specifications of tarpaulin cloth; It can sew Tower clothes, weapon covers, field work, light accounting rooms for tourism, etc. PE tarpaulin has the advantages of light quality, clean and pollution-free. Generally used for temporary stacking rain and dust prevention, pvc tarpaulin, its waterproof effect is the most significant of all waterproof canvas, cold and sun protection, most of which is used for long-term outdoor cover rain, breeding rain-proof windshield roller blinds, coal yard rain-proof, truck transportation, cargo ship cover and other purposes. The effect of dishcloth is really great and useful. Please contact us if you need it.
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