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Advantages and disadvantages of PC, PVC and PET as membrane switches

by:LINYANG     2020-02-23
PC (Polycarbonate) Advantages: ① strong processing adaptability, different textures can be pressed on its surface to improve the appearance of materials. (2) chemical resistance resistance dilute acid weak alkali alcohols and alcohol ethers. In addition, PC film has the characteristics of high insulation strength, non-directivity, high brightness and low atomization. ③ High temperature resistance (-30℃ ~ Within the temperature range of 130 ℃) When the temperature or temperature changes suddenly, the change of PC film is not big ④ the mechanical properties are good, PC film has higher impact resistance and high elasticity, and its yield point force is about 60N/mm2, it is the plastic application with the strongest impact resistance today: PC film is suitable for all kinds of sign film panels and other occasions, with moderate price and is the most common material for application. PET (Polyester) Film advantages: PET film has good switch button life and excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, excellent insulation performance. Disadvantages: The price is slightly higher than the PC panel and cannot resist ultraviolet rays. Application: Instruments and household appliance panels with higher requirements. PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) Advantages: low price, excellent chemical corrosion resistance and insulation performance. Disadvantages: low temperature resistance (About 60 ℃) Poor tensile resistance and wear resistance application: sign panel, not suitable for membrane switch and light touch panel, application: sign panel, not suitable for membrane switch and light touch panel.
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