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Additional Services Provided By File Storage Companies

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

With the onset of the information age, people and companies are generating a multitude of data each day in the course of their work. The law dictates that organisations need to maintain hard copies of certain documents for 7 years or more. All this data needs to be kept somewhere in case you need to refer back to a particular document in future. If you were to retain the material on-site this could result in your office getting flooded with paperwork. It would also become very difficult to keep everything in order, making it time consuming and sometimes impossible to retrieve a single document from so many papers.A good archive storage company will also provide services for video storage, film storage and document storage.

These file storage and records storage companies also provide additional services that will help with easier storage and retrieval of important data whenever required.

Some of the ancillary services provided by file storage companies are as follows:

1)Most records storage companies supply crates made from high density polyethylene that may be either hired or purchased. These crates are sturdy and strong which are useful for documents storage, video storage or film storage. You can also use them for shipping or moving documents.

2) For quick retrieval of your important documents, most records storage companies can provide document scanning. The images can then be used electronically and with copies of the scanned documents provided on a CD-ROM, the client always has a digital version of the items stored at the document storage company.

3) Some facilities also provide secure destruction of documents and recycle the waste. They will securely shred your valuable documents on your specific written request and use recycling facilities that are reliable and are environmentally aware.

4) The storage company can also provide the customer with media cases to store or transport sensitive electronic media. A wide variety of cases are available for all formats including Peli cases, turtle cases and aluminium flight cases.

5) Retrieval services are often provided 24 hours a day, every day of the year. For a computer media exchange service, specific times for the delivery collection are scheduled and adhered to daily.

6) Data storage companies also sell robust document boxes for storing and moving documents, and security tagged wallets made from durable PVC are ideal for transporting computer tapes and other small high security items in a safe way.

Companies who have benefited from these services enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that their vital data is kept secure but accessible to them whenever its required.

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