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Adding a shower room explosion-proof membrane can effectively reduce glass self-explosion damage

by:LINYANG     2020-02-04


recently, after Mr. Lu's home in Shaoxing City took a bath, the glass in the shower room burst and the toilet was broken. Coincidentally, two weeks ago, when the dry lady in Shanghai took a bath, the glass in the shower room burst and the wrist tendon was cut. Bathing is a matter of relaxation, but now it is not so safe. So, can adding a shower room explosion-proof membrane alleviate this situation?

The rapid development of shower room is intermingled with the good and the bad

as China is in line with the international standards and the domestic technology level is gradually maturing, the production of shower room is not difficult for most manufacturers, industry barriers to entry are getting lower and lower. Since 2003, there have been dozens of formal shower room manufacturers nationwide. At the same time, the original workers of some shower room manufacturers began to break away from the enterprise and start their own businesses. The purchase channels are varied and the good and the bad are intermingled, which has a great impact on the overall market of the shower room.

due to the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the safety, beauty and good reputation of shower room products. The time has entered 2009, after the survival of the fittest in the whole market of the shower room, many excellent shower room brands stand out.

Why did the bathroom glass burst?

The selection of main materials for shower rooms has also been determined by many experiments. Now, all qualified shower rooms adopt toughened glass, which is based on safety considerations-- If ordinary glass is used to make shower rooms, once the glass is damaged, the glass fragments will be large-area and large-volume fragments, causing great damage to people and cutting skin, muscles, blood vessels, etc. The above hazards can be completely avoided by selecting qualified tempered glass.

but the reporter learned from many manufacturers of shower rooms that tempered glass has better strength and stability, and still has a self-explosion rate of 3.

However, even if it explodes, the glass will break into very small obtuse angle particles, which will not cause great harm to human body. A technician from a manufacturer told reporters that the two cases of tempered glass burst in the news may be self-explosive or may be caused by external force. Improper use, improper installation or excessive temperature difference may lead to fragmentation.

The so-called'3‰ self-explosion rate' Not reliable

In the previous news, the dealer in Jiefang South Road, Shaoxing city said:' Tempered glass has a self-explosion rate of 3‰, which is in line with national regulations' Can you really excuse the quality of the products you sell?

after an interview, the reporter learned from Guangzhou Gaode Mercure:' Generally speaking, the self-explosion rate of tempered glass refers to the self-explosion probability generated when tempered glass is produced in a tempering plant, rather than the self-explosion rate of users during use. '

According to relevant industry sources:' Although full tempering will improve the self-explosion rate, the size of the fragments after bursting can be completely controlled within the scope of national standards. If semi-tempering is selected, the fragments will cause serious damage to the human body. At the same time, the shower room glass needs to be clamped by hardware. Semi-tempered glass cannot reduce the self-explosion rate due to its obvious reduction in firmness, but will increase the possibility of self-explosion under the fastening effect of hardware. '

to reduce damage, only add explosion-proof membrane

according to professionals:' Since the self-explosion of tempered glass is its inherent characteristic, this possibility cannot be ruled out in theory. Even if high-quality tempered glass is selected, the damage to human body is limited to extremely light damage on the skin surface, however, I still suggest consumers to stick a layer of explosion-proof membrane or choose a shower room made of new explosion-proof laminated glass, so as to reduce the damage to human body to zero! '

How to choose a safe shower room for glass

① check whether the glass is transparent and whether there are defects such as miscellaneous spots and bubbles.

brief analysis: impure glass materials or defects in technology will cause defects such as impurities and bubbles in the glass, reducing the hardness and strength of the glass.

② see if there is 3c mark certification on the original glass.

brief analysis: 3c certification is the abbreviation of China's compulsory product certification. Shower room products cannot be sold without this logo.

③ look at the fully tempered glass fragment template

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