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Acrylic plate protective film

by:LINYANG     2019-12-26

acrylic sheet protective film

material: PE glue type: environmentally friendly water-based acrylic acid thickness: 3-10 wire width: 500- 1580mm color: transparent film, black and white film, milky white film, black film, Blue Film viscosity: low viscosity, medium viscosity, medium high viscosity, high viscosity

Features: stable adhesion and good weather resistance. UV resistance, good aging resistance. There is no residual glue after tearing. Acrylic sheet protective film has good flexibility and fast coating speed on the surface of the pasted profile; The increase rate of peel strength is low after pasting the board; The protective film pressure sensitive adhesive has good stability, and there is no residue after the product is peeled off, and it will not have adverse effects on the protected surface.

Scope of Application: mainly used for surface protection of acrylic plates, so that they are not scratched or damaged during transportation, storage, processing and installation.

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