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Acetic acid protective film properties

by:LINYANG     2020-03-04
【 Acetate cloth protective film features 】 High temperature resistant, anti-aging, soft and submissive, in good shape, easy cutting, easy solution, acid, alkali, anti-mildew, insulation performance is better than that of general glass fiber cloth and glass cloth. 【 Scope of application. 1. Motors, transformers, Especially in high frequency modulator, microwave oven transformer) , capacitor, variable frequency power adapter layer insulation; 2. Coil, wire twisting enlacing; 3. Oven local zero components, deflection coil ceramics, ceramic heaters and quartz tube fixed; A large number of products 4 used in television and monitor. Low voltage switch logo to use. ACETATE cloth is also called the sand, is English ACETATE harmonics in Chinese law, is to use the best quality of conifer plasma of a kind of pure natural wood pulp fibers manufactured by the most advanced textile technology, has the natural mulberry silk as brilliant bright flashing luster, colourful, bright appearance, touch soft, comfortable, its performance in textile fiber is the most close to the mulberry silk, at the same time, has a variety of performance of natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp, such as wet gas absorption ability, good resilience, easy to wash easy to dry, no static electricity and the bulb, stick a skin comfortable, natural environmental protection, and is suitable for making high dress, silk fabric; More inspired designers to create, often used instead of natural pure silk, is widely used in production of various high-end brands in the fashion materials, such as the fashion trench coats, leather, dress, summer dress/skirt in winter, the Chinese dress, wedding dress, in the tang suit and so on! Acetate cloth protective film basically has the following several kinds of products; Halogen free protective film acetate cloth is also called environmental protective film protective film non flame retardant flame retardant acetate cloth acetate cloth acetate cloth protective film with protective film from type paper acetate cloth without protective film from type paper acetate cloth. Colors are: white acetate cloth protective film black acetate cloth coating glue are: rubber protective film acetate cloth acrylic adhesive protective film acetate cloth
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