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Abuse of plastic bags and 'resurgence'

by:LINYANG     2020-01-18

'Plastic Limit Order' Issued for four years, abuse of plastic bags and'Resurgence'.

The reporter found that in addition to the standard use of plastic bags in large shopping malls and supermarkets, the use of plastic bags in farmers' markets, small restaurants and stalls is still rampant.

The reporter saw that on the vegetable, fruit and noodle stalls in the vegetable market, almost every stall is hung with a few plastic bags, large and small plastic bags can be taken at hand, mostly'Plastic Limit Order'Color ultra-thin plastic bags that are forbidden to use. The reporter found that these plastic bags did not have any text, pattern descriptions, manufacturer information, and no QS logo. In this regard, the vegetable farmers said that the price of good food bags is high, the plastic bags for selling vegetables are used quickly, and those who do small business will not buy such expensive bags. It is even more unrealistic to say that fees are charged. ' Unless others sell vegetables and don't give the bag, I will definitely give the bag. '

The reporter learned from the Dubao market in the south of the city that plastic bags are generally 0. 8 to 1. 1 yuan does not wait for a roll, a roll of about 40 or 50, thicker plastic bags marked with manufacturers and recycling signs are 3. 5 yuan per roll, about 60 or 70 per roll.

at the gate of the residential area of Nanrui community, there are five or six small restaurants and many small stalls, which mainly operate breakfast foods and marinated vegetables. Xu Wei, the owner of a breakfast shop, told reporters:' Look at our soup and water, what if we don't take a bag? Some people will take the lunch box, which is both hygienic and saves plastic bags. But most people come directly to buy and go, without a bag, how to take it? '

supermarket is an implementation of'Plastic Limit Order' The situation is better, but the free hand tear bag placed for consumers to use has become a substitute for the charged plastic bag. Zhou Fuhua, a salesperson at the Huajin store in Auchan supermarket, told reporters:' In the past, people often took a lot of hand-torn bags at a time, especially some old people like to take home as garbage bags or put things. '

It is understood that in order to avoid the abuse of hand-torn bags, many supermarkets have strengthened management, sent special personnel to distribute hand-torn bags, and reminded the citizens who come to shop to use them on demand, pack the bulk as early as possible.

The reporter found that while supermarket hand-torn bags became substitutes for plastic bags, most middle-aged and elderly consumers brought their own shopping bags, while young people became the main buyers of paid plastic bags. Zhang, the cashier of Auchan supermarket, slowly told reporters:' Many young people go to the supermarket to buy things, often do not remember to bring a green bag, would rather spend money to buy a shopping bag or plastic bag. '

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