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About the use of soft PVC film

by:LINYANG     2020-06-17
As a plastic material, polyvinyl chloride has a very high moldability among polymers. It can produce different pvc forms due to different dosages of plasticizers, including hard pvc materials. And soft PVC film. The hard PVC is mainly used in some machinery industries, which plays an auxiliary role, and because of its strong corrosion resistance and stable chemical properties, it is more suitable as an auxiliary material. The other kind of pvc film produced by adding more plasticizers is the most distinctive feature of this polymer. Currently, many products have the composition of this material, and some of the automotive coatings Using this material, this component is included in the protective film of skin care products, and the component of this material is also included in the film of some mobile phones. ????If there are any characteristics of this kind of PVC film, there are still many characteristics, such as strong toughness, good transparency and certain viscosity. This material is also a material that helps our daily life, and the plastic wrap we usually use is also a product produced from this material.
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