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About the mechanical operation of pvc film and

by:LINYANG     2020-06-19
If it is said that pvc film is the main component of plastic film used in cities at present, then as another form of pvc, pvc particles or pvc colloid particles are also used very much. In the city, the plastic products formed by this form of PVC are also countless. As a plastic colloid, its current quality is its most critical part. Here we will introduce about the control of pvc colloid and pvc transparency. Some mechanical operations of membrane quality. ????When the two-stage machine is in operation, the feeding, twin screw, single screw and pelletizing speeds should be adjusted. The temperature control of the twin screw can ensure that the plasticization of the glue is good. The appearance of the pellets is bright but not agglomerated, and the melt temperature is generally controlled between 150-175 ℃ (UPVC is 5-10 ℃). The use of the extruder filter screen should be in strict accordance with the requirements of the instruction card and the screen should be changed at the specified time interval. If there are many raw materials impurities or other reasons lead to easy to block the net, the interval between the screen changes should be properly short to prevent mesh penetration. Once the mesh penetration is found, the rubber material produced in front should be processed immediately.
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