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About the film material

by:LINYANG     2020-03-17
PE: polyethylene, widely used in the coating industry, the main characteristic is that the price is low, soft, good extensibility, environmental protection free from contamination, such products are generally through the eu ROHS environmental pollution test. Disadvantages: poor weatherability, the material used is not suitable for high temperature, average temperature within 60 degrees. 5 g - adhesive 500 g ( Domestic and foreign different) , in general, the thickness of 0. 05MM - 0. 15MM。 。 PE material is divided into static electricity membrane, reticulate membrane, etc. Electrostatic membrane is electrostatic adsorption force to viscous force, it is no glue protective film, mainly used for electroplating and other surface; The protective film of checkered membrane surface is a lot of grid, the permeability of the protective film is good, paste effect beautiful, don't like plain film will leave bubbles. PVC, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), its characteristic is: good flexibility, good weather resistance ( SPVC) ; Disadvantages: not environmental protection, light transmittance is not good, easy with the change of the temperature and FanHuang out oil, short service life and so many international brands of little useful to the product of this material. This product is mainly used for esd protection is more, there are wooden box surface. PET: polyester, its main characteristics: the quality of a material is harder, more scratch resistant, good temperature resistance, resistant to 100 - commonly 150 degrees high temperatures, disadvantages: cannot be used for Angle or the corner of the product. Generally PET protective film is depend on the electrostatic adsorption, easy to blister and fall off, but even the peeling wash the fish in clean water and can be used repeatedly. PET can be divided into: single, double, three layers. The membrane surface through SMART technology processing, anti-wear scratch resistance, prevent from scratching. On the scratch-resistant is divided into 2 h - conventional film - Don't wear scar injury, 4 h type high resistance - - Wear scar injury, 5 h carbon crystal type wear - resistance - Super wear-resistant mark damage. Mainly used for the die cutting. AR: it is currently the best screen protection film. AR is a kind of synthetic material, generally three layers, the silica gel adsorption layer, PET for the middle layer, outer layer for special processing, special processing layer is generally divided into two kinds of AG processing layer and HC, AG is anti glare, HC is hardness processing. Is characterized by high transparency, the counter-attack light, electromagnetic radiation, leaving no mark, can be repeatedly paste. OPP: OPP appearance similar to PET protective film, hardness is bigger, have certain flame retardant, paste effect is poorer, general market use very little.
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