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About our film anti-fog film is introduced

by:LINYANG     2020-03-17
Anti-fog film in food preservation and fruit packaging because of itself with water and frozen after the formation of water droplets in the air, easy to form more water droplets on packaging film, which produce the phenomenon of condensation. 'Condensation' for the microbes rapid reproduction and growth have created favorable conditions, especially after the mechanical damage of fruits and vegetables, are more likely to cause decay. 'Condensation' produce larger haze, also affect the appearance of the products, consumers can't see content, affect the product sales. BOPP anti-fog film with film under high and low temperature change won't because of moisture evaporation formation on the surface of water mist, has certain anti bacteria antibacterial effect, and is developed rapidly in the world of the new material, mainly used for fresh fruits, vegetables, salad, edible fungi, such as packaging. A: ( 1) Prevent mist effect is good, Cold and hot state can prevent droplets) Good, excellent gloss and transparency, printing; ( 2) Water vapor barrier property is good, keep fruit and vegetable moisture contents, to prevent the occurrence of dry due to dehydration; ( 3) Appropriate oxygen permeability, maintain the respiration: ( 4) The suitable surface friction coefficient; ( 5) Can be heat sealing performance; ( 6) To join the antibacterial substances, has antibacterial function; ( 7) Good softness, close to the packaging; ( 8) Environmental protection than PVC. Our country is the world's largest fruit and vegetable production and sales of power. However, about 30% of fruit during storage, transportation and sales loss. The improper packing is one of the reasons for the loss of fruit rot. BOPP anti-fog film used in fruit and vegetable packaging, wide prospect of market.
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