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A total of extrusion compound with bonding resin

by:LINYANG     2020-03-17
Bonded dissimilar sex resin composite extrusion with resin altogether when it is squeezed, often due to the affinity between the resin is poor, weak interlayer bonding power lost their use value. Common resin bonding performance between - are shown in table 2 3, the optimal performance of good bonding between the resin has good compatibility. Solve poor common extrusion heterogeneous resin interlayer bonding bonded tree fat and the effective measures is to use a variety of resin has good bonding characteristics, add the bonding layer between the layers. In terms of resin junction structure, the adhesive resin is essentially belongs to give priority to with polyolefin chain chain, with the polarity of the branched chain ( Maleic anhydride, acrylic acid and acrylate, etc. ) Polymer compounds. The polarity of the branched chain, making them except with polyolefin resin have good affinity, of the dragon, ethylene - High polymer material such as vinyl alcohol copolymer has good affinity. With the rapid development of a total of extrusion technology, there have been many bonding resin, representative varieties, for example, is as follows. 1. The United States dupont's bonding resin ionic polymer ( 离子交联聚合物) Representative of ionic polymer is Surlyn series products. Ethylene - it is Acrylate copolymer, industrial products are of two kinds of zinc salts and sodium salts, zinc salts and nylon, ethylene - among them Barrier property such as vinyl alcohol copolymer has good adhesion force between resin and polyethylene, can be used as common extruding glue layer. Bynel Bynel resin is based on EVA, PE, PP resin, such as opening a complex matches hair graft copolymerization modification bonding resin, its cost is relatively low Surlyn and for polyethylene, nylon resin adhesive has very good fastness, thus has strong ability of market competition. 2. The dow chemical company dow chemical bonding property of the resin bonding resin products called Primacor ( The so-called 'best horse' resin) Ethylene -, it is Acrylic copolymer, the main features are as follows. 1) not easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, the material can not using moistureproof packaging, stored and is convenient, and into a model without drying processing before processing. (2) heat sealing performance is outstanding, 'hundreds of horses' vinyl resin with low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, and the comparison of ionic polymer heat sealing performance - as shown in figure 2 1 and figure 2 2. 3. Japan's mitsui petrochemical company ADMERADMER polyolefin ( HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, PP, etc. ) Through grafting is an adhesive resin, modification of a categories ADMER has four series, B series ( Composite bottle with) , F series ( Composite film with) , E series ( Extrusion coating with) And P series ( Electrostatic spraying and liquid immersion) 。 4. Japan's mitsubishi oil change MODIC bonding resin MODIC also have four series: P said polypropylene series ( Propylene copolymer) ; H series of high density polyethylene ( High density of vinyl co-polymer) ; L said low density polyethylene ( Low density of vinyl co-polymer) ; E said EVA series ( Based on the EVA modified copolymer) 。 Choose MODIC basic principle is: use and adhesive is the same series of polyolefin MODIC, bonding polypropylene, for example, using P series of MODIC, sticking high density polyethylene, with MODIC of H series, etc. Examples are shown in table 2 - MODIC series products 5. 5. Domestic extrusion composite with bonding resin in recent years, the domestic chemical enterprises also begin to pay close attention to composite extrusion with bonding resin, yangzi petrochemical company, the light of the new material technology companies are successively carried out were bonded resin composite extrusion with the development of the work, and made great progress, can the light of the new materials technology company also launched a registered trademark of Cybrid ™, a total of extrusion composite with bonding resin the commercialization of the products, but have not yet seen authority for its application in food, medicine, packaging the health security of the authentication information. Light new materials technology co. , a total of extrusion compound with bonding resin - are shown in table 2 6.
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