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A Soul Stirring Action Movie

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

Do you like watching action movies? The protagonists in the movies usually go through the steep hurdles to get something important back or save one's life. Overcoming the obstacles can express that they are brave and fast. It shapes the image of heroes. Kids always adore the heroes. If there is a chance to let them experience of the heroes, they will fell excited.

This inflatable obstacle combination is design as the airport. The little heroes are supposed to have a secret mission. They need to cross the cave under the flying plane first. And then, they will face different kinds of obstacles. It is running out of time, they need to go through the obstacles fast. After the obstacles, they will face the declining climbing wall. The wall can lead the players to the slides. When they reach the ground after the slither, they finish their mission.

This product is made of PVC tarpaulin. It is of high tear strength, so it can bear the violent power when the little heroes are hurrying to finish their mission. The footholds of the climbing wall is sewed firmly in case of the kids will drop to the bouncer due to the footholds. If kids lose their feet and drop into the bounce, the bounce is soft and flexible enough to protect the kids from hurting. What's more, at the bottom of the slide, there is a cushion wall surrounded to the bottom. The cushion wall can avoid the players dropping into the ground.

It is 15 meters length, 4 meters wide and 4.5 meters height. It is fit for settle outdoors. If you do, you should not worry about the weather problems, because the tarpaulin is of excellent UV-resistance, cold weather resistance and waterproof. No matter it is rainy or sunny outside, you do not have to move it here and there just for protecting it from destroying. What's more, it is of great fade proof. We use the special treatment to the tarpaulins. When other tarpaulins are fading, our products still look nice. This feature can make the products do not only use for a long time, and it can look nice for a long time.

In the public place, parents worry most about is the health condition. For this product, we do some treatment on the tarpaulins. After a series of produce flow, the tarpaulins are of anti-mildew treatment. It can avoid the spreading of the mildew.

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