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A cellphone against your explosion-proof useful?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-26


It is reported that in the electronic market, many users are rushing to'Explosion-proof'The film came. On Taobao,'Mobile phone explosion-proof film' There are more than 4000 related products, and the best-selling store, the explosion-proof film has sold 654 pieces last month. A cellphone against your explosion-proof useful?

A cellphone against your explosion-proof useful?

mobile phone explosion-proof membrane is a kind of membrane attached to capacitive screen glass (Or below) The attached PC plastic can effectively prevent the glass panel from being broken and scattered due to the accidental impact of the mobile phone, reduce the hidden damage of the glass panel, ensure the safety of users, and maintain the unique luster of the reinforced glass, texture and improved surface hardness.

According to introduction, the explosion-proof membrane of mobile phones is generally 0. 2-0. The 4mm tempered glass film can protect the screen compared to the ordinary PET material mobile phone film. However, explosion-proof is only an act of exaggerating publicity by businesses. This kind of'Explosion-proof' It can only prevent the debris of the mobile phone screen from splashing, which has nothing to do with explosion prevention.

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