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6 keys to judge the quality of a piece of PVC plastic coated cloth

by:LINYANG     2022-12-03
PVC plastic coated cloth has excellent mildew resistance, obvious water resistance, more waterproof than other canvases, good low temperature flexibility, high strength, strong tensile force, relatively light and other characteristics; it is widely used, such as foreign trade, grain depots, oil fields , docks, tents, drilling towers, railway and road transportation, warehousing, coal mines, open-air freight yards and other canvas products. So how to judge the quality of PVC plastic coated cloth when purchasing? The following is the answer given by LINYANG editor, let's take a look! 1. Appearance. Excellent PVC plastic coated cloth has good color and brightness; one side is flat and smooth, and the other side has some granular objects, indicating that the resin composition is properly added and the temperature is suitable; no pinholes, high resin density, good anti-aging, long service life . 2. Pull. Depending on the process, the canvas is very careful in the material ratio, and the matching is very suitable, so that the damage to the cloth blank is small, and the tension will be better; the warp and weft density of the yarn is high, and the tension is good. 3. Waterproof performance. The waterproof performance is good, the glue is good, and the canvas will not have pinholes, indicating that the production material is very good. In the addition of materials, there are many resin components, high density and good waterproof performance. 4. Hand feel. It is very soft to the touch, although the thickness seems to be average, but in fact the thickness has reached the requirement, just because the resin composition is high and the processing technology is good, so it feels very soft and does not feel rough. 5. Production process. The PVC plastic coated cloth is produced by a vertical machine, which is mechanically produced by a vertical machine. The cloth is straightened and put into the raw material box and pulled out. The glue material on the sheet is made of high-purity PVC material, and then both sides are straightened through the machine. Scrape it with a knife, scrape it with a knife and then dry it in a dryer, trim the edges, divide it into circles, and pack it. There are two types of dryers, one is electric burning and the other is boiler. The vertical machine has high requirements on raw materials, and the raw materials must have a certain purity. The PVC canvas produced by the vertical machine is often slightly more expensive, and the purity of the canvas product is also high. 6. Environmental performance. PVC plastic coated cloth is based on polyester filament, with PVC double-sided coating on the surface, selected high-quality environmentally friendly resin, smooth surface, bright color, waterproof, fireproof, anticorrosion, mildewproof, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance , anti-aging properties.
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