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2017 car exhibition four car tarpaulins shape hot order dynamic _ in the industry

by:LINYANG     2020-04-05
Whether the cold north or just a little bit of autumn in the south, to the heat of the show goes on unabated! Merchants in order to avoid the vehicle by sunlight exposure, wind and rain, motor tarpaulin became the indispensable equipment! In addition, the automobile exhibition tent in adapted to all kinds of drive experience, product display and other business activities after also gradually became a powerful symbol of automobile brand! The current domestic auto industry using auto show tarpaulins, linyi liqun tarpaulin factory to recommend the following four types: the first: A tent A word for word top auto show tent top auto show tent awning room, is one of the most common on the market exhibition tent, its characteristic is that the span can be done is enough big, A wide range of use, the cost is low, edge metope can choose tarpaulin or glass, decorative convenience, therefore also by the vast number of consumers love. Second: European spire auto show tent awning room European spire auto show tent awning room, features a beautiful and elegant, unique style; Into the square, at the bottom of the domestic common only 3 - at the moment 10 m span, can be used single roof, also can be A word more top or use. Third: combination of alien tent combination for auto show alien tent awning room, in the auto industry is much by herringbone roof combination with pointed canopy room, this kind of high-end awning room not only the appearance, awning room can be large enough, the top can be done more than ten meters high, make the tent inside for more of the atmosphere, there have been more and more Chinese people like, a slightly higher price. Fourth: multilayer auto show awning room multi-layer auto show tent awning room, belongs to a kind of high-end awning room, can be customized double layer or layer 3, usable floor area is bigger, the second floor to do VIP rooms using reception negotiations, is definitely a unique scenery in the auto show, the design difficulty is far higher than the above three kinds of auto show awning room, belongs to the luxury awning room, has often been used in some high-end activity. Four auto show tent awning room, each of which has its features and style, no matter choose which kinds of auto show awning room, welcome you consult the linyi liqun tarpaulin tent awning room, professional motor show as a tent manufacturer, we are looking forward to your calls.
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