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2015 domestic mobile phone shipments Huawei leads Xiaomi

by:LINYANG     2020-02-24
According to Kevin Wang, director of China research at IHS Technology, Xiaomi's overall smartphone shipments in the third quarter (sell-in) It was 1850 units, a decline from the second quarter. Huawei shipped 2740 smartphones in the third quarter, down from the second quarter, but domestic sales grew by 4%. Xiaomi's shipments in the first three quarters: 3470 1850 = 5320 units, leaving 8000 units to the lowest 2680 units in the whole year. Huawei's shipments in the first three quarters: 5000 1850 = 6850 units, the lowest shipment in the whole year of 0. 1 billion units, leaving 3150 units. Judging from the data, Xiaomi and Huawei have occupied the leading position in the domestic mobile phone market at present, but the speed of both is slowing down and declining, leaving considerable pressure on the fourth quarter, whether the shipment target can be completed depends on the performance of subsequent products. With the obvious intensification of competition, especially Meizu, One Plus, hammer and other online forces, OPPO, vivo and other major offline markets, the future competition for market share will be even more tragic.
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