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2014 China International recycling Conference & Exhibition

by:LINYANG     2020-02-24
2014 China International recycling conference & Fair September 22, 2014 ~ 25 day by the National Development and Reform Committee, national housing and urban and rural The Ministry of Construction, Tianjin People's Government,, China International Economic Exchange Center common host of the fifth session, China (Tianjin Binhai) International Ecological City Forum and Exhibition, Tianjin Binhai International Exhibition (Meeting) The center was held ceremoniously. Xie Zong of Luyang Technology Co. , Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting to discuss new ideas and measures for the development of ecological cities with guests from more than 50 different countries and regions around the world. During this period, President Xie also participated in a sub-forum sponsored by the China Material Recycling Association-- The recycled plastic Forum shares the current situation and development trend of the plastic recycling material market with friends at home and abroad. The forum has received strong support from relevant departments and has high specifications. The guests attending the forum are also well-known people in the industry. Xie, the head of the company, was invited to attend the meeting. He Luli, the vice chairman of the Ninth and Tenth National People's Congress Standing Committee and the former chairman of the All-China Women's Federation, delivered a speech: urbanization should be harmonious and unified with environmental resources Xu Kuangdi, vice chairman of the Tenth National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, honorary chairman of the Presidium of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, academician delivered a speech: ecological city construction, three major areas can not be ignored Li Zhisheng, Singapore's Minister of National Development delivered a speech: eco-city needs the government, enterprises and people to work together to build Xie Zong's trip. He also has in-depth exchanges with China's resource regeneration trading network on how to use the modern Internet to reduce the transaction cost of renewable resources. Relying on the Internet, the company integrates its own development characteristics, continuously develops and innovates, and creates higher benefits for domestic and foreign merchants with the most professional product solutions and the most thoughtful services, fortunately, the company will actively absorb the latest new concepts and models in the industry and continue to contribute to the cause of optimal utilization of renewable resources in our country.
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