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What is the price of pvc transparent film?
In ZHONGSHAN LIN-YANG PLASTIC CO.LTD, the total price of pvc transparent film may vary depending on the final order volume because the price may be negotiable based on the actual needs. The price is determined by a number of factors which contain the cost of raw materials, R&D input, manufacturing cost, transportation cost, and the profits as well. For a manufacturing company, they are the main factors deciding the price level of the products. In general, there is an unwritten yet famous rule in the business market, the larger quantity you order, the more favorable price you will get.
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Lin-Yang specializes in the manufacture and supply of swimming pool tarpaulin. PVC Tarpaulin for Fish pond liner and Preformed pond liners produced by Lin-Yang is very popular in the market. Quality scrutinization of LINYANG soft pvc film will be strictly conducted. All of the textile fibers, chemical agents or additives are carefully inspected to make sure to weed out any harmful chemical substances. Decorate colorful life with colorful PVC calendaring film. The product meets international quality standards and can withstand any rigorous quality and performance testing. Lin-Yang PVC film provides safe home for your crops.
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Our goal is to deliver the highest quality products and use our position in the value chain to contribute positively to our customers.

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