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Truck Cover and curtain side

With high intensity , good elasticity and waterproof feature , PVC Tarpaulin can be used for Car/Truck/Boat cover,Curtain Side .

The max width of our PVC Tarpaulin can be reach 6.6m , it can easy to cover many kinds of truck ,without joint , 

production cost is cheaper than the narrow PVC Tarpaulin.

PVC TARPAULIN Specifications:

1) Excellent tensile, tearing and adhesion strength 

2) Fire retardant, UV-protective, antimicrobial, oilproof, stain, acid and alkali resistance 

3) Temperature and weather resistant, anti-oxidation and durable 

4) All color can be customize 


7) Threads: 20*20 /20*18/23*23/30*30 or others

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