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Swimming Pool and Fish Pond liner /watertank / preformed pond liners

With excellent abrasion resistance and air impermeability , PVC Tarpaulin is good at being used for Swimming Pool and Fish Pond liner / water tank / preformed pond liners

0.45mm/0.55mm/0.9mm thickness heavy duty PVC Tarpaulin with excellent tensile and tearing strength can ensure to bear 

pressure of the water,  the cost of PVC Tarpaulin is much cheaper than concrete and brick.

The max width of our PVC Tarpaulin can be reach 6.6m , it can easy to build big pool and pond ,without joint , 

production cost is cheaper than the narrow PVC Tarpaulin.

PVC TARPAULIN Specifications:

1) Excellent tensile, tearing and adhesion strength 

2) Fire retardant, UV-protective, antimicrobial, oilproof, stain, acid and alkali resistance 

3) Temperature and weather resistant, anti-oxidation and durable 

4) All color can be customize 

5) Width:0.914~6.6m 

7) Threads: 18*18/20*20 /20*18/23*23/30*30 or others

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