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Electrical Tape

The full name is PVC electric insulation adhesive tape, also known as electrical insulation tape or insulation tape.


Its abbreviation is PVC electrical tape, PVC tape, etc. With the features of good insulation, flame resistance, voltage resistance, and cold resistance, it can be suitable for wire winding, transformers, motors, capacitor, voltage stabilizer and other kinds of motors and fixed with the insulation of the electronic parts. There are red, yellow, blue, white, green, black, transparent and other colors.


It is suitable for insulation of various resistance parts, such as wire joint winding, insulation damage repair, transformer, motor, capacitor, voltage regulator and other types of electrical, electronic components insulation protection. It can also be used for binding, fixing, bonding, repairing, sealing and protecting in the industrial process.


Production process:


It is made of Polyvinyl chloride film as the base material and coated with rubber-type pressure sensitive adhesive.


Electrical tape refers to the tape used by an electrician to prevent leakage of electricity and to provide insulation. It has good characteristics of insulation, pressure resistance, flame retardant, weather resistance, etc.

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