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Warmly celebrate brothers enterprise high welding group 11 anniversary celebration to a successful conclusion

by:LINYANG     2020-03-10
Golden autumn in October, is a good harvest season, a brother companies of high group also welcomes 11 anniversary celebration, all the tender young people celebrating the festival a complete success! On October 13, 2014, the company thanked and guangzhou are always state cultural Wu Xiangyang wu total education co. , LTD. , guangzhou art ShengSiLong valley animation technology co. , LTD. / guangzhou cosmetics co. , LTD. , the total, attended the listed brothers enterprise co. , LTD. , 11 anniversary celebration, fierce Gao Wujin ambry xie total high to the total at the scene, professor wu close communication, how to put the company's protective film products in welding high hardware products play a greater advantage, make industry bigger and more complete products more thin, exchange for nearly 40 minutes, the atmosphere is very warm, several bosses to accept each other, each other also reached many consensus, on the same day xie total also signed an order for a month for 1. 5 million protective film products. High welding group entrepreneurship in 1989, is a mainly household building materials manufacturing, and sales of integrated enterprise groups. In 2000, high welding officially entered the kitchen hardware industry, 2001 decision by the original & quot; Kay high & quot; Renamed & quot; High welding & quot; And more than 100 countries all over the world successful registration of high HIGOLD brand. At present, the high welding group, more than 1000 employees, high welding, a subsidiary of kitchen hardware company, main research and development and manufacturing kitchen hardware ( Pull the basket) , damp drawer and hinges, kitchen sink and faucet, chest functional hardware ( Pull the basket) , after years of operation and development, has now become China's most influential hutch defends hardware brand. Group of high outdoor furniture company, main outdoor furniture design and manufacture high-end villa, star hotel for leisure vacation furniture, beach, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, outdoor furniture, the company with first-class design and strict quality, has become China's outdoor furniture industry innovation leader. Company staff for welding high support is deeply, deeply grateful! Thank you so much for welding high. Thanks Katherine down! Thank you for the overall support! Have a welding high enterprise support, all of us young people very excited, full of hope for tomorrow. With the encouragement and look forward to, we continue to maintain momentum, succeed. / can we climb the summit of film industry. Thank you again for the world, with us all the way along the from all walks of life friends!
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