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Stationery PVC Film

PVC Film,the best material for stationery product

With different hardness / softness and multicolor, PVC film is very good for making different kind of product based on customer's requirement, specially it is often used in the production of stationery products

Stationery product including file pocket, document pouch, stationery holder, ring binder, arch files and so on. 

There are two types of stationery PVC film commonly used to make stationery products, one is colored PVC film, the other is transparent PVC film.

In terms of hardness / softness, no matter the colored film or transparent film, the hardness / softness degree must reach the semi-rigid level,  and the hardness / softness degree must be controlled between 20PHR and 35PHR. The specific hardness / softness degree needs to be related to the specific products produced.

Colorful PVC film can make stationery products more beautiful and provide suitable colors for users who like different colors better. 

Additional, embossing also is the point that purchaser focuses attention on,  linyang company has more than 30 kinds of embossing, enough to meet the needs of stationery manufacturers.

For transparent stationery film, the transparency of transparent film, appropriate thickness according to the actual situation,and the stuiable powder content is the most important points.

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